Create your own PP size photo

befor-afterPresuming that you have some knowledge of photoshop, I am publishing this post. Make sure that you have a photo that is appropriate for making the PP photo. Now edit the photo as your convenience. After the editing is done its time to crop the photo to the pp size.
The actual size is a debatable topic as even you may have noticed the difference in the size of the PP size photo from two different photo studios. Its seems that there is no standard PP size. But on average, majority of studios in and around Kathmandu have been following the 32 mm x 40 mm standard. i doubt even this is not an international standard but they have changed the size to their convenience. As this size photo fits perfectly with the 4r standard photopaper (9 PP photo in 1 4r photopaper). As this is the most economical arrangement, we will also follow this in our process.
Now lets crop the original size photo into PP size photo. As you select the crop tool(press C), we get three fields to put the values for the crop Width, Height and Resolution. pp-size

Important Details:-

Width = 32 mm
Height = 40 mm
Resolution = 300 pixels/inch

Once you are done with the croping thing, its time to make a new document by pressing “CTRL + n”. A pop window opens and you get the same input fields as above with some addition options too. But you don’t need to worry about the others, we just need the fields width, height, and resolution. This time around we keep the different values as we are making the canvas for the photo to print i.e. 4r size. You won’t get the 4r size by default in the option, so we need to keep it manually.

4r Dimention:-
Width = 4 Inch
Height = 6 Inch
Resolution = 300 pixels/inch

If you are getting confused or want to save some time making new canvas then you can download the 4r canvas by clicking here.Download

afterGuess what!!! you are almost there, making your own PP size photo ready to print. The only thing now left is to select the move tool(press v) on the single photo you had cropped before and grab it and drag it to the canvas that you had created before and place inside the small rectangles that you get in the canvas. There are 9 rectangles for you to place the PP size photos. It should look something like this.

Now its done, just save the file in .jpg format and you are done. Take it right away to the nearest photo studio to check your work. You will feel proud of your self when you see the printed photo. Share this with your friends and families and make PP size photo of the all the family members.

Notice:- If you have any problem while following this steps, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Every comments will be facilitated as much as possible.


AdobePhotoshopCS4ExtendedPhotoshop is one of the best program that I have come across in my life. It gives life to photos. Use to wonder back then, why do our photos don’t come as good as that of heros’ and heroines’. Later I came to realize that lots of photoshop work goes in making a photo look good.
My obsess into photoshop started when one day I had gone to a photo-studio to take my PP size photo. They charged me Rs.100 for just 6 PP size photograph when it cost just Rs. 10 for printing 4r size photo. i.e we can fit 9 pp size photo in a single 4r size photo.  After this I tried myself, asked to friends and at last succeeded in making my own PP size photo.

You all must be keen to make your own PP size by now. You will not have to wet long before you will be able to make your self because I am going to post¬† all the steps involved in making your own PP size photo. Wait for my next post…………


dell_computersIt wasn’t long back when we used to long for using “Computer” or lets say just to look at and feel it. But now it has become a part of our body without which our life wouldn’t run. No one wants to think of their life without computer by their side.

We all say that there is nothing that a computer cannot do. But still there are such things in this world that is beyond computer’s capability. Now don’t ask me, What are those things? Its for you all to think…….
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